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University - Professor Resources

Many resources are available to professors teaching at a university, college, or technical school for classes studying engineering, architecture,  construction management, or any field related to the use of precast/prestressed concrete. If you are a student, ask your professor to request these resources on your behalf.

Instructional Material - 'Prestressed in a Box'  - the PCI Student Education Committee is offering this technical material that was created and compiled by PCI’s Student Education Committee as a resource for professors teaching concrete-related courses at not-for-profit institutions of higher learning. The technical content was created by university professors and vetted by the PCI Technical Activities Council. This material is approved for use only as part of the curriculum for a credit-earning course at the graduate or undergraduate level. It may not be used by for-profit entities.

The material in "Prestressed in a Box" includes:

1.   PCI Design Handbook, 7th Edition text and CD (a $395 value!)

2.   Original Participant Notes from the PCI Structural Design Seminar

3.   Prestressed-in-a-Box CD including: 

a.   All the presentation material from the PCI Structural Design Seminar 

b.   Four introductory presentations 

i.   Intro to Prestressed 

ii.   Plant tour video 

iii.  Basic theory 

iv.  ACI Code provisions. 

c. Complete design examples 

i.   12 RB 24 prestressed beam with straight strand 

ii.  12 RB 24 prestressed beam with harped strand 

iii.  Box Girder Bridge 

iv.  Middle span Prestressed beam of a 3 span continuous for LL stringer bridge. 

d.   Supporting spreadsheets for the material above (for the instructor) 


For more information contact Alex Morales, PCI Director of Educational Activities at amorales@pci.org.

Academic Professional Membership in PCI

Professors wishing to join FPCA as a Professional Member can click on the link below.

Professors wishing to join PCI are offered an Academic Professional Membership for only $50. The Academic Professional Membership application is offered online on the PCI web site (www.pci.org) or CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

Membership offers the opportunity to participate in many PCI activities, serve on committees and a subscription to the PCI Journal.