FPCA - 239 Calliope Street, Ocoee, FL 34761 - M: (407) 758-9966 - F: (407) 217-7474 - Diep@myFPCA.org - A Chapter of Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

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Nominating Committee

In accordance to FPCA By-laws, “A Nominating Committee to consist of the Immediate Past President of the Association as Chairperson and all Active Past Presidents. This Committee will nominate the Officers and the Producer Member Directors.”
Tom Newton, Chairman
Gate Precast Concrete
Lenny Salvo, President of FPCA
Coreslab Structures (Orlando)
McCall Carley, Coreslab Structures (Tampa)
Glen Switzer, Dura-Stress
Earl Shimp, Gate Precast Concrete
Bruce Reich, Coreslab Structures (Tampa)
Gay Thompson, Cement Industries
Michael Quinlan, Coreslab Structures (Orlando)
Charles Baker, Dura-Stress