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Producer Members

Cement Industries, Inc.

2925 Hanson St.

Fort Myers, FL 33916-7507

Phone: (239) 332-1440/ (800) 332-1440

Fax: (239) 332-0370

Website: www.cementindustries.com

PCI Certification Category: B3, C3

Building Products: Hollow Core Slabs, Columns, Beams, Panels, Stairs, Platforms


Gay Rebel Thompson, President
(800) 332-1440 Ext. 111
(239) 994-7777
Dave Gorrell, VP Admin/Engineering
(800) 332-1440 Ext. 113
(239) 633-8810
Sander Steele, Sales & Marketing
(800) 332-1440 Ext. 102
(239) 823-9975
Donnie Bridges, Estimator
(800) 332-1440 Ext. 103
Allen Witt - Sales Manager

Colonial Precast Concrete, LLC

5250 Linwood Road

Placida, FL 33946

Phone: (941) 698-4180


Website: www.hollowcore.net

PCI Certification Category: C2

Building Products: Hollow Core Slabs, Other Sections, Piles, Stairs


Ron Heilbron, CEO & President
Email Ron

Coreslab Structures (Orlando) Inc.

2720 County Road 470

Okahumpka, FL 34762

Phone: (407) 855-3190
Fax: (407) 855-6870

Website: http://www.coreslab.com

PCI Certification Category: C2

Building Products: Hollow Core Slabs


Lenny Salvo, Sales Manager
Email Lenny

Coreslab Structures (Miami) Inc.

10501 NW 121 Way
Medley, FL  33178

Phone: (305) 823-8950

Fax: (305) 825-8457

Website: www.coreslab.com

PCI Certification Category: A1,C4,C4A

Building Products: Architectural Precast, Beams, Columns, Joists, Bleacher, Box Beams/Slabs, Double Tees, Single Tees, Stadium Seats, Stairs, Structural Wall Panels


Allen Witt, Vice President/Sales Manager

Email Allen

Manny Gonzalez, Project Consultant Email Manny

Albert Gonzalez, Project Consultant Email Albert

Coreslab Structures (Tampa) Inc.

6301 N. 56th St.

Tampa, FL 33610

Phone: (813) 626-1141

Fax: (813) 623-6406

Website: www.coreslab.com

PCI Certification Category: A1, B3, C3, C3A

Building Products: Architectural Precast, Double Tees, Columns, Litewalls, Shearwalls, Spandrels, Beams, Stairs, Flat Slabs, Wall Panels

Markets: Parking, Facilities: Commercial, Healthcare, Correctional, Education, Industrial, Housing, Sports/Stadium, and Marine Structures

Vern Smith, Project Consultant
Email Vern

Dura-Stress, Inc.

11325 CR 44

Leesburg, FL 34788

Phone: (352) 787-1422

Fax: (352) 787-0800

Website: www.durastress.com

PCI Certification Category: A1,B4,B4A,C4,C4A

Bridge Products: FL Double Tee, AASHTO I Beams, Precast Superstructures, Light Poles, FDOT Pole Bases, FDOT Strain Poles

Building Products: Architectural Walls, Architectural Insulated Walls, Insulated Wall Panels, Hallow-core Slabs, Double Tees, Columns, Building Beams, Structural Wall Panels, Flat Slabs, Joists & Soffits, Precast Stairs, Piling, Sheet Piling, Deck Slabs/Box Girders

Markets: Parking, Facilities: Commercial, Healthcare, Correctional, Education, Industrial, Housing, Sports/Stadium, and Marine Structures

Glen Switzer, Sales Manager
Email Glen
Mark McKeny, Director of Business Development
Email Mark

Finfrock Industries, Inc.

2400 Apopka Blvd.

Apopka, FL 32703

Phone: (407) 293-4000

Fax: (407) 297-0512

Website: www.finfrock.com

PCI Certification Category: A1, C3

Building Products: Architectural Precast, Beams, Columns, Double Tees, DualDeck, Inverted Tees, Single Tees, Spandrels, Stairs, Structural Wall Panels

Markets: Parking, Office, Multi-unit Residential, Student Housing, Hotels, Mixed-Use

John Blanchard, Exec. V.P., Manufacturing
Email John
Lloyd Kennedy, P.E., Exec. V.P., Design
Email Lloyd
Ryan Dager, Production Mgr.
Email Ryan

Gate Precast Company (Jacksonville)

402 Zoo Parkway

Jacksonville, FL 32226

Phone: (904) 757-0860

Fax: (904) 751-5435

Website: www.gateprecast.com

PCI Certification Category: A1, B4, C3, C3A

Bridge Products: Deck Slabs, Box Girders, FDOT Double Tee, Beams, Precast Superstructures

Building Products: Parking Structures, Commercial Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Educational Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Housing Facilities, Marine Structures, Sports/Stadium Facilities, Architectural Walls, Architectural Insulated Walls, Insulated Wall Panels Hollowcore Slabs, Double Tees, Columns, Building Beams, Structural Wall Panels, Flat Slabs, Precast Stairs, Piling, Sheet Piling


Tom Newton, V.P. Operation
(904) 520-5802
Email Tom

Gate Precast Company (Kissimmee)

810 Sawdust Trail
Kissimmee, Florida 34744

Phone: (407) 847-5285

Fax: (407) 847-3430

Website: www.gateprecast.com

PCI Certification Category: A1, C3

Building Products: Beams, Columns, Joists, Bleacher, Structural Wall Panels, Architectural Precast


Brian Griffis, Southeast Regional Sales & Marketing Manager
(904) 813-6525

Alex Perez, CGC, LEED AP
Associate AIA
South Florida
Sales & Marketing
(305) 510-7414

International Casting Corporation

6187 Miami Lakes Dr.

Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Phone: (305) 558-3515

Fax: (305) 558-8557

Website: www.prestressconcrete.com

PCI Certification Category

Building Products


Walter Alvarez, President
(305) 558-3515

Email Walter

Joe Barrios,

(305) 216-1324

Email Joe



4151 US Highway 17 S.

Bartow, FL 33830

Phone: (863) 440-5432


Website: www.metromont.com

PCI Certification Category: A1, C3, C3A

Building Products: Total Precast and Architectural Cladding (MetroDeck, Metroshell, Double tees, Flat Slabs, Balcony Slabs, Stairs, Walls, Shear Walls, Metrowalls, Columns, Beams, Spandrels, etc)

Markets: Parking Structures, Multi-Family, Mixed-use, Schools, Colleges/Universities, commercial/retail,  Healthcare, Office Buildings, Data Centers, Warehouses, Distribution, Food Processing, Industrial, Institutional, Municipal, Sports and Entertainment

Jerry Batcher, VP & GM
Email Jerry
Eric Scherden, Regional Sales & Business Development Mgr.
(813) 417-8796
Email Eric
Jamie Grimmelsman, Sales & Business Development
(614) 940-5452
Email Jamie

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc.

1335 Thomas Ave.

Leesburg, FL 34748-3223

Phone: (352) 787-4177

Fax: (352) 787-7935

Website: www.LeesburgConcrete.com

PCI Certification Category: A1, C2A

Building Products: Architectural Precast Wall Panels, Structural Precast Wall Panels, Precast Concrete Classrooms, EASI-SET Precast Concrete Buildings, EASI-SET Precast Restroom Buildings EASI-SPAN Precast Buildings, Custom Precast Concrete Buildings, Precast Concrete Stairs and Treads, Precast ADA Ramps, Steps and Decks, and Loading Dock Ramps, Transportation Precast – Guideway Walls, Elevated Walkways, Precast Platforms, Precast Boat Ramps, Custom Precast Concrete Manufacturing, Post Tensioned Precast, Residential Precast Steps, Decks, and Rails, Metal Stairs, Railing and Architectural Metal Fabrication



Markets:  Commercial, Communications, Education, Energy, Government, Hazmat, Hospitality, Industrial, Infrastructure, Institutional, Medical, Military, Municipal, Parks & Recreation, Transportation, Utilities, Warehouse, Water / Waste Water, Worship Centers

Kirk Rouse, Vice President
Email Kirk
Shawn Thomas, V.P. of Operataion
Email Shawn

Precast Specialties, LLC

3898 Selvitz Road

Fort Pierce, FL 34981

Phone: (727) 266-5701


Website: www.precastspecialties.com

PCI Certification Category: C4

Building Products: Hollow Core, Wall Panels,  Flat Slabs, Double Tees, Structural Beams, Structural Columns, Landings, Stairs, Precast Vaults, Manholes, Commercial Utility Products, Light Pole Utilities, Sports Poles & Antenna Poles

Markets: commercial, municipal parking garages, residential , multiunit residential ,hotels,  and utilities.

Jim Park, V.P. of Business Development
(407) 732-7480
Email Jim
Louis Bellino, Sales Structural/Commercial
(954) 410-4038
Email Louis
Andres Diaz, Sales Structural/Commercial
(954) 410-2364
Email Andres

Skanska Civil SE

2132 Barrancas Ave

Pensacola, FL 32502
Phone: (757) 420-4140

Website: www.usa.skanska.com

PCI Certification Category: B4, C3

Bridge Products: FL I-Beam (FIB), Concrete Pile, Precast Elements

Markets:  State, County, City Highway Authority, Waterway & Sea Ports

Daniel Francis, Project Manager
(757) 375-3960
Email Daniel


400 Deer Trail East
Sebring, FL 33876
Phone: (863) 655-1515
Fax: (863) 655-1215

Website: www.spancrete.com

PCI Certification Category: C2

Building Products: Hollow Core Slabs, Stairs, Other Sections


Robert Guptill, General Manager
(863) 655-1515
Email Robert

STABIL Concrete Products, LLC

4451 8th Ave. S.

St. Petersburg, FL 33711

Phone: (727) 321-6000

Fax: (727) 328-2234

Website: www.stabilconcrete.com

PCI Certification Category: A1

Building Products: Architectural Cladding, Architectural Precast, Facilities: Commercial, Healthcare, Correctional, Education, Industrial, Housing, Marine, Sport/Stadium and Architectural Walls, Architectural Insulated Wall Panels & Columns, Beams, Flat Slabs, Structural Wall Panels, GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)


Del Hight, President
(817) 875-7201
Email Del

Standard Concrete Products, Inc.

5801 W. Commerce St.

Tampa, FL

Phone: (813) 831-9520

Fax: (813) 831-3165

Website: www.standardconcrete.net

PCI Certification Category: B4, C3

Bridge Products: FL I-Beam (FIB), FL U-Beam (FUB), Concrete Pile, Concrete Sheet Pile, AASHTO Beams-Type 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Prestressed Deck Slabs, Prestressed Arch Beams, Cylinder Pile

Markets: State, County, City Highway Authority, Waterway & Sea Ports

Kurt Podoll, Division Manager
(813) 831-9520 Ext. 136
Email Kurt
Ryan Cartwright, Plant Manager
(813) 831-9520 Ext. 141
Emai Ryan

Structural Prestressed Industries, Inc.

11405 NW 112th CT.

Medley, FL 33178

Phone: (305) 556-6699

Fax: (305) 556-9696

Website: www.spimiami.com

PCI Certification Category: C4

Building Products: Concrete Joist, Double-Tees and Hollow-core

Emilio Vega, President
(305) 556-6699
Email Emilio
Ricardo Cuellar, Chief Estimator
(305) 556-6699 Ext. 203
Emai Ricardo