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Durable Solutions - Storm Resistance

Precast concrete’s durability allows it to stand up to the worst that nature can throw at it, including hurricanes and tornadoes. Many secure buildings are designed with precast concrete load-bearing panels because they withstand high winds better than other materials.

This is especially important for federal buildings as well as high-tech locations such as server and data centers that must be maintained and operational regardless of what weather hits. Schools also are turning to precast concrete more often to protect students and serve as a central base for after-storm coordination and a haven for those left homeless.

Designs can include thicker wall panels and heavy-duty connections, smaller areas of window glazing and spandrels fortified to hold them in place, and other features that ensure the building will remain standing.

Precast concrete structural systems can create designs specifically geared to withstanding hurricanes along the coast, which are especially devastating due to the water surge that often accompanies them. Columns combined with hollow-core planks and double-tee components can raise the ground level of the building to ensure it remains above water level on coastlines that are deemed susceptible to hurricane forces.

Even residential buildings can be designed using precast concrete to resist storms. In regions of the country where tornados can wreak havoc, precasters have worked with local communities and designers to create solutions. These include connections that securely tie the house together from roof to foundation, providing protection for winds up to 130 mph.

Durable Solutions:

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